I have teamed up with the wonderful Yasmina at Glow Yoga studio to offer you a wonderfully holistic joint treatment package. 

Our plans include Ayurvedic consultation, where you will discover how your unique, doshic constitution has affected your life so far, what imbalances may be present within your system, how to remove these and how best to support your dosha in terms of diet and lifestyle in order to stay free from illness in the future.

You will work with Yasmina in to create your individual, bespoke Yoga program of breathwork, mudras, postures and meditations to support your body in cleansing and rejuvenating.

You will work on dosha - specific Yoga, to maximise your Ayurvedic cleanse and to increase the flow of energy around the system, clearing out any blockages through the body and mind and supporting your journey toward a healthy vibrant 2020! 


30 day cleanse! Can begin ANY time and includes:

Ayurvedic consultation and 30 day individual herbal medicine plan (price includes 1 herbs).✨

1x 121 Yoga session, a bespoke Yoga plan for you to work through at home and a pass enabling you to come to unlimited group classes and workshops at Glow for 30 days.

30 day Ayurvedic Yoga Cleanse Program: £90 (SPECIAL COVID-19 PRICE) 


Our 3 month membership includes;

An Initial Ayurvedic consultation and one to one Yoga, then 2 more Ayurvedic follow ups throughout the 3 month period.

Along with Ayurvedic medicines (price includes 2 herbs) and UNLIMITED 3 month membership to support your journey, to ALL yoga classes and workshops at Glow! 

3 Month Yoga and Ayurvedic membership is just £180 (SPECIAL COVID-19 PRICE)

Get in touch to book: 


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