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A 2h workshop on the  dynamics of communication between the dosha and how we can use Ayurveda to better understand one another.   £10


Conflict and communication 

A 4 part course unpicking fatphobia and disordered eating from a societal and Ayurvedic perspective.   £30


Fatphobia and disordered eating through the lense of Ayurveda

Our 'Welcome to veda' collective runs courses, you can find any current events on the events page. Below you can find recorded webinars which you can request via email. Additonal information of course content can also be requested.

Business Meeting


On several occasions I have ran customised courses/training sessions for yoga/meditation classes, yoga teachers, salons and small office teams. Subjects include: 

  • An Introduction to Ayurveda 

  • Your unique constitution

  • How imbalance occurs and how to find balance 

  • Diet lifestyle and remedies 

  • How Ayurveda can help you understand your clients 

  • Ayurveda's links with yoga and how it can deepen your practise

  • Ayurveda in the workplace (relationship building and giving out roles according to dosha) 

  • Ayurvedic facials for use in salons 

  • Ayurvedic self massage