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Welcome To Veda
A collective space for anyone interested in Ayurveda- Discussion, events and support.

 Wanting to bring complex philosophy to an elementary level without losing the depth of ancient teachings, Rheanna and Sophie welcome ‘applied’ Ayurveda to a fast growing and inquisitive community of change makers. Applied Ayurveda looks at the foundations of this 5,000 year old philosophy through the lens of food, feminism and fresh perspectives. Join us on this platform to discuss and unpick Ayurvedic teachings, discovering its relevance in our society today. 


Ayurveda is a truly holistic medicine that encapsulates all parts of life. We will delve into how our current society, relationships, lifestyles and spirituality links with ancient knowledge, and how it can be enhanced and developed through this system in the hope of connecting to something more authentic.


Finding balance is the key to health and wellbeing in Ayurveda - through our community we hope to explore what balance can mean for us today on a personal and societal level. 

We will be holding welcoming and educational circles throughout the year with plenty of open space for discussion for anyone who's interested in this topic. We will also be engaging with the community via our instagram platform @welcometoveda . If you don’t have insta, don’t worry, you can still very much be part of the community just let us know your interest and we will make sure you are always invited to the circles