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Ayurvedic health and wellbeing


This ancient holistic medicine has been assisting with the recovery from mild to serious disorders for over 5000 years. Ayurveda incorporates every part of our lives and helps us understand who we are and what health advice is right for us through a detailed and personalised approach.


We are given a lot of contradictory and confusing advice in our society, that cannot possibly be relevant and right for each individual. Ayurvedic medicine recognises our unique birth state and the current imbalances we may be suffering from. Through this approach we cannot only find wellness and balance now but we can continue to find balance and understand what that means for us through the rest of our life.


Being in a balanced state we can truly flourish both mentally and physically in all of our unique and perfect ways. This can help us to build a society made of the three birth states in harmony with one another and the earth around us. Please get in touch whether you are ill/imbalanced or you just feel a lack of clarity in your life and see what ayurvedic medicine can do you for. 

Fall Essentials


Find out about your unique constitution, how to best support your long term health and how to manage and remove any current illness/imbalances.

Massage Therapy


Therapeutic massage with personalised medicated oils. Different techniques subtable for different imbalances or full body massage for complete rejuvenation.

Engagement Ring


Learn how your constitution and/or currant imbalances effect your relationship/s. Receive guidance on the right kind of partner for your constitution and support on how to attain and retain the relationship.

Client Testimonials 

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Welcome To Veda our new Ayurvedic collective

Wanting to bring complex philosophy to an elementary level without losing the depth of ancient teachings, Rheanna and Sophie welcome ‘applied’ Ayurveda to a fast growing and inquisitive community of change makers. Applied Ayurveda looks at the foundations of this 5,000 year old philosophy through the lens of food, feminism and fresh perspectives. Join us on this platform to discuss and unpick Ayurvedic teachings, discovering its relevance in our society today. 

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New E-recipe book

Full of Ayurvedic recipes 

Digestive health through Ayurveda 

30 minute webinar 

Fog and Nature

Welcome to veda packages 


The first step in your Ayurvedic journey to living intuitively, with deeper understanding of your unique doshic state and authentic needs, a reset and chance to re-connect with your body.

This package comprises of:
-A 90 minute Ayurvedic consultation (3 herbs included)

-1x 90 min Ayurvedic full body massage.

- 1x one-to-one bespoke yoga sessions (60minutes) focusing on releasing blockages within the body.



This package aims to elevate the qualities of self compassion, and confidence. You will dive deeper in to your physical and mental health goals and start creating sustainable routines and practises while further understanding what makes you unique and important. 

This package comprises of:
- 2x 60 min Ayurvedic consultations, where you will establish personalised and nourishing routines, whilst unpicking any barriers and evaluating your physical and mental health goals through diet, lifestyle, herbal medicine and journaling prompts (5 herbs included).

- 1x 90 minAyurvedic full body massage 
- 1x 60 min additional treatment personalised to your needs

-2x one-to-one yoga sessions (60 minutes each) where you will explore breathing technics and relevant philosophy to support your physical practise.