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Ayurvedic health and wellbeing


This ancient holistic medicine has been assisting with the recovery from mild to serious disorders for over 5000 years. Ayurveda incorporates every part of our lives and helps us understand who we are and what health advice is right for us through a detailed and personalised approach.


We are given a lot of contradictory and confusing advice in our society, that cannot possibly be relevant and right for each individual. Ayurvedic medicine recognises our unique birth state and the current imbalances we may be suffering from. Through this approach we cannot only find wellness and balance now but we can continue to find balance and understand what that means for us through the rest of our life.


Being in a balanced state we can truly flourish both mentally and physically in all of our unique and perfect ways. This can help us to build a society made of the three birth states in harmony with one another and the earth around us. Please get in touch whether you are ill/imbalanced or you just feel a lack of clarity in your life and see what ayurvedic medicine can do you for. 

Fall Essentials


Find out about your unique constitution, how to best support your long term health and how to manage and remove any current illness/imbalances.

Massage Therapy


Therapeutic massage with personalised medicated oils. Different techniques subtable for different imbalances or full body massage for complete rejuvenation.

Engagement Ring


Learn how your constitution and/or currant imbalances effect your relationship/s. Receive guidance on the right kind of partner for your constitution and support on how to attain and retain the relationship.

Client Testimonials 

Welcome To Veda our new Ayurvedic collective

Wanting to bring complex philosophy to an elementary level without losing the depth of ancient teachings, Rheanna and Sophie welcome ‘applied’ Ayurveda to a fast growing and inquisitive community of change makers. Applied Ayurveda looks at the foundations of this 5,000 year old philosophy through the lens of food, feminism and fresh perspectives. Join us on this platform to discuss and unpick Ayurvedic teachings, discovering its relevance in our society today. 

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Fog and Nature

Welcome to veda packages 


The first step in your Ayurvedic journey to living intuitively, with deeper understanding of your authentic needs.

This package comprises of:

-A 90 minute Ayurvedic consultation and a 45 min follow up, including doshic analysis and first steps for finding balance with diet, lifestyle and herbal medicine (4 herbs included).

- 2x one-to-one bespoke yoga sessions (60minutes each) focusing on releasing blockages within the body.



This phase in your holistic journey nurtures spiritual development through elevating the qualities of compassion, courage and confidence.

This package comprises of:

- 3x Ayurvedic consultations (60 minutes each) where you will establish personalised and nourishing routines, whilst unpicking any barriers and evaluating your physical and mental health goals through diet, lifestyle, herbal medicine and journaling prompts (6 herbs included).

-3x one-to-one yoga sessions (60 minutes each) where you will explore the divine teachings of Yogic Philosophy, using them to build upon your physical practice.



You are now ready to fly, but before you take off it’s important we finely tune your senses.

This package comprises of:

- 3x Ayurvedic consultations (60 minutes each) where we will design your holistic survival kit - this will continue to support you through your life, and may include exploration into relationships and purpose (6 herbs included).

- 3x one-to-one yoga sessions (60 minutes each) where you will learn to let go of the ego by establishing intuition, creativity and empowerment through your practice.



WOW Rheanna has just blown my MIND! Her depth and breadth of knowledge and practical skills are on a completely different level from Ayurvedic practitioners whom I have worked with in the past. I felt she was totally in tune with my body, understood what I needed completely and she put me at ease in every way. 
I floated out of the room and struggled to find words to describe the whole experience. Thank you Rheanna! You have helped me to become more in sync with my whole self and to understand the cycles of my energies across every level. Amazing!


Had a wonderful massage and Ayurvedic assessment from Rheanna last Friday. It was my first experience of Ayurvedic practice so I didn't know what to expect but Rheanna's informed and friendly manner soon put me at ease. She gave a really good assessment of my lifestyle and personality to advise on diet and health. This was followed by one of the best massages I've ever had, really focussing on my pressure points, and ending with a lovely head massage. Will definitely be back!


I had such a lovely experience with Rheanna... she had such a beautiful way of illustrating the doshas and the effects that our different make ups have on the way we interact with life- really helpful wisdom being shared, in a kind and empathetic way. As well as this I have some new recipes to try out which I'm looking forward to! The massage  was also totally lush and has left me feeling renewed. If you're interested in learning more about yourself through map of Aryuveda, whilst getting to enjoy all the benefits of a massage, I'd recommend booking an appointment!



Meersbrook Park Road, S8 9FP, Sheffield 


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Natural Medicine


All Sama Therapies webinars have been recorded and you can see the list of topics covered and how to get access to them here. On several occasions Sama Therapies has ran customised courses/training sessions for yoga/meditation classes, yoga teachers, salons and small office teams. Get in touch to discuss how Ayurvedic practises could enhance your life or business.