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Our price grading system


So more people can afford our services we offer a sliding scale on all of our therapies. This is a trust based system based on clients being completely honest about what they can afford to pay. The lowest price is our supported rate, for those on no wage or on a very low one this may include some students. The middle price is the cost of the service to everyone else. The higher price is the supporting rate for those who wish too support those paying a supported rate (this extra contribution makes it possible for us to offer a supported rate). When booking please mention which rate you will be paying, this is confidential and will not effect your booking.

Every 10 appointments, someone who cannot afford the services will be given a free appointment, if you would like to be on the waiting list please email us to be sent application instructions. 

Diet and lifestyle consultations:   

90 min Initial consultation and feedback:                                                                     £50   £60   £60+

45-60 minute follow up consultations:                                                                          £35   £45   £45+



Full body 90min:                                              £60    £70   £70+ 

Full body with Pinda Sweda 2H:                     £80   £90   £90+

Back massage 45min:                                      £35   £45   £45+

Head and face massage 30min:                     £25   £35   £35+

Back, head and face 1H:                                 £40   £50   £50+

Womb and lower back 30 mins:                     £25   £35   £35+

Back, head and face 1:20H                             £50   £60   £60+

Back massage with Pinda Sweda  1H            £45   £55   £60+

Cancellation policy: Cancel 72 hours before appointment free of charge. Cancelation between 72 and 48 = 25% charge. Cancelation between 48 and 24 = 50% charge. Cancelation 24 and under hours before appointment = 100% charge

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