Holistic packages by Welcome to Veda 

'Welcome to Veda' collective includes Rheanna (Ayurvedic practitioner) and my co-worker Sophie (Yoga teacher with expertise in the field of Ayurvedic philosophy and the esoteric body). We have come up with some holistic wellness packages together in order to better support you on your journey towards balance.  Ayurveda and yoga are sister sciences that work beautifully together in helping us to journey deeper into our unique selves, exploring our connection with the natural and cultural world around us. Through analysis of your dosha and imbalance, customised advice and support with diet, lifestyle, herbs and more, plus bespoke yoga sessions working with your current state. We can support the recovery from illness/imbalance, the awakening of the authentic self and a deep and true consciousness of the world around, leading us to a more authentic and fulfilling life. 

If you are new to Ayurveda and have not yet had an initial consultation with Rheanna we would advise you to choose the Awareness package before moving on to the others, as this covers all the basics and will give you a great foundation and awareness in to where you are at. You will then have an opportunity to move through the second and third package at your own pace. If you know about Ayurveda, are looking to explore your own prakruti further and are ready to embrace new practises and experiences then perhaps you might go for the Consciousness package to start with. If you feel like you have a good understanding of yourself through an Ayurvedic perspective and have already established balancing and fulfilling routines and practises in your life, then perhaps you would like to go straight into the Renaissance phase. In this phase you will have the opportunity to explore deeper and further, it may include spiritual development, relationship analysis with discussions and creative practises around purpose all through an Ayurvedic lense. 


The first step in your Ayurvedic journey to living intuitively, with deeper understanding of your authentic needs.

This package comprises of:

-A 90 minute Ayurvedic consultation and a 45 min follow up, including doshic analysis and first steps for finding balance with diet, lifestyle and herbal medicine (4 herbs included).

- 2x one-to-one bespoke yoga sessions (60minutes each) focusing on releasing blockages within the body.



This phase in your holistic journey nurtures spiritual development through elevating the qualities of compassion, courage and confidence.

This package comprises of:

- 3x Ayurvedic consultations (60 minutes each) where you will establish personalised and nourishing routines, whilst unpicking any barriers and evaluating your physical and mental health goals through diet, lifestyle, herbal medicine and journaling prompts (6 herbs included).

-3x one-to-one yoga sessions (60 minutes each) where you will explore the divine teachings of Yogic Philosophy, using them to build upon your physical practice.



You are now ready to fly, but before you take off it’s important we finely tune your senses.

This package comprises of:

- 3x Ayurvedic consultations (60 minutes each) where we will design your holistic survival kit - this will continue to support you through your life, and may include exploration into relationships and purpose (6 herbs included).

- 3x one-to-one yoga sessions (60 minutes each) where you will learn to let go of the ego by establishing intuition, creativity and empowerment through your practice.